aliciakeys I try my best not to waste time on "what if" it usually never transpires anyway! Sending strength and love! 3y
  •   imgodslildiva Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the fight we ought might win, by failing to attempt! 3y
  •   chloe_2020 That makes me :) 3y
  •   angelvan1981 u 3y
  •   leslie_so_pretty1014 Love the words... You are truly inspiring to every woman out here!!!!! 3y
  •   msladie007 Your voice has helped me through many difficult circumstances in my life. If only you knew.... Thank you :) 3y
  •   goshmello The solution is always within the problem. 2y
  •   jvxced Datz sooooo true 2y
  •   lovemelina._ That is so true 9mon

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