theyas76 Fun bath crayons I bought Freyja yesterday. #little_igers 2y
  •   littlerose81 Great picture. I'm going to invest in some of these! 2y
  •   msdupreez All these cool things we never had 2y
  •   theyas76 @msdupreez I know right. I must admit I've been playing with them too 2y
  •   theyas76 @littlerose81 do it! They were quite cheap $7 and really work well... Just don't leave really young ones alone with them... My Freyja keeps trying to eat them 2y
  •   tanya1402 Me wants some, where do u get them?mase would love them? 2y
  •   theyas76 @tanya1402 I got them at the big Mothercare shop at DFO but let me get you some cos I never got you or Mason birthday presents. I never got around to making that gift for you. too busy to craft these days. 2y
  •   tanya1402 Sounds great Yaz, but no hurry when u can- take care beautiful- love u xxx 2y
  •   tezshields Cool! 2y

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