modsun Im eating lunch across the steeet from the coliseum!!!!!! Thank you! 2y
  •   ncoburnavs These pictures you're posting are making me so jealous! I can't wait to visit one day, you're so lucky dude. 2y
  •   camilatoscano You should visit a neighborhood called Trastevere! In the Piazza, near a Santa Maria's church, there's a bar where the movie director Fellini used to hang out... (: 2y
  •   candycreep_art @camilatoscano I would love to have a drink where Fellini spent time! If @modsun visited, it would be even more noteworthy. <3 2y
  •   karolinaevelyn Wooooo 2y
  •   cloudopolis That shape on the coliseum makes it look like its waitin for a profile pic haha 2y

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