•   rahabalmajed Hi Jasem, this shot is beautiful mashallah. You have a good eye for composition & the potential to grow.. Have you ever exhibited or published your work? I'm a photography graduate (as @mnawer_ahli probably told you) and I would be more than happy to help you out. Please drop me an email (with a portfolio if you have one) to rahab.almajed@gmail.com 4y
  •   rahabalmajed Thank you for sharing this with us @mnawer_ahli oo e7na fel 5edma :-) 4y
  •   mnawer_ahli @rahab_ hatha men 6eeb a9lech mashkoora ,, i told him earlier that he should create a portfolio and inshala u will have it in no time ,, if u follow ull c alot of pics ,, i just asked him to mention me the ones he thinks are his favourite ,,, btw na9ee7a use arabic with its easier ,, no offense jasooom 7abibi 4y
  •   jasemalawadh @rahab_ ashkrch rahab 3la raych o klamch o hathy shahada a3tz feha . o enshalh ra7 a6rshlch my best picture thank u rahab thank u mnawer :) 4y

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