•   ali_q8y Perfect!! 4y
  •   jasemalawadh @ali_q8y tslm :) 4y
  •   mnawer_ahli @shereenalootah @rahab_ hi ladies this is my cousine jassim from kuwait currently living and studying in the uae he does this for a hobby but i think he has the potential if he had the rite guidance so plz feedo u5ookom and tell him where he should go with or how he can turn his hobby into a proffesion at least ,,, guide him tell him sho il dawrat ily momkeb esaweeha or where can he submit such pics or where to go ,, we will be for ever greatful , thank u in advance , u5ookum mnawer ahli . 4y
  •   rahabalmajed Hi Jasem, this shot is beautiful mashallah. You have a good eye for composition & the potential to grow.. Have you ever exhibited or published your work? I'm a photography graduate (as @mnawer_ahli probably told you) and I would be more than happy to help you out. Please drop me an email (with a portfolio if you have one) to rahab.almajed@gmail.com 4y
  •   rahabalmajed Thank you for sharing this with us @mnawer_ahli oo e7na fel 5edma :-) 4y
  •   mnawer_ahli @rahab_ hatha men 6eeb a9lech mashkoora ,, i told him earlier that he should create a portfolio and inshala u will have it in no time ,, if u follow ull c alot of pics ,, i just asked him to mention me the ones he thinks are his favourite ,,, btw na9ee7a use arabic with its easier ,, no offense jasooom 7abibi 4y
  •   jasemalawadh @rahab_ ashkrch rahab 3la raych o klamch o hathy shahada a3tz feha . o enshalh ra7 a6rshlch my best picture thank u rahab thank u mnawer :) 4y

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