everybite This is me being an easy going house guest 4y
  •   hannahbanner @everybite aw thanks for explaining what I meant, obviously I wouldn't want to eat eggs if they're coming from mistreated chickens , ( hence why I'm vegan and not vegetarian ) and chickens who are going to be killed . If I did ever eat eggs again, which may or may not happen, then I would still consider myself a vegan in respect of animal welfare but technically diet wise it would be classed as vegetarian.. But I don't think that really matters, as long as the chicken is not harmed. Anyway, I would prefer to be a strict Egan diet wise for health reasons, I just miss te taste of eggs sometimes hence why I would bring up my own chickens. Personally I don't think that's a bad thing.. 4y
  •   hannahbanner vegan * 4y
  •   everybite @hannahbanner I completely agree! I knew exactly what you meant and she totally annoyed me. People can get kinda sassy on here! 4y
  •   hannahbanner @everybite lol yeah, hope it's not taken the wrong way by anyone , as I'm just explaining my point further incase she didn't know what I meant. I don't think the initial comment was said with any harm though, she just assumed I didn't know what being a vegan or vegetarian meant. 4y

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