•   __gumbeaux @nikki43ver u rodeo? 4y
  •   nikki43ver @super_high_me no we don't... No offense towards you but I find rodeos cruel and disgusting. I once raised a cow and one day he was gone. The original owners sent him away for slaughter and it scarred me deeply. I would never participate in a sport where any animal was harmed 4y
  •   __gumbeaux Not sure what calf roping or rodeo has to do with a slaughter house or harming animals. If you had a roping horse you would know that the horse really enjoys his job But I love a good cheese burger 4y
  •   nikki43ver Did you seriously right I live a good cheeseburger? 4y
  •   nikki43ver Write, love 4y
  •   __gumbeaux Ph died lol couldn't reach charger 4y
  •   __gumbeaux But ya! 4y

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