•   hypekeez You're welcome 3y
  •   photogdan Very cool 3y
  •   finry I had a baby mantis hangin around once - named him manny ;) love the shot! 3y
  •   singing171 @photogdan ~ a very late "thank you"! 3y
  •   singing171 @finry ~ awww cute! Thanks! They are adorable & fun to watch! Manny is a cute name for one! 3y
  •   finry @singing171 haha thnk u! ps he came back as an adult and startled the sh*t outta me ;) 3y
  •   singing171 @finry ~ hahaha Are u sure it was Manny? 3y
  •   finry @singing171 of course! who else could it have been? ;) 3y

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