•   nmorlan Know* 4y
  •   porschedrkr34 @runnernick I think I know what you mean lol did you like the Atlanta layout? 4y
  •   nmorlan It was allright my facsimile probably lb 4y
  •   nmorlan Favorite is lb 4y
  •   porschedrkr34 @runnernick ya I love the clipping points there. They look amazing going through 4y
  •   nmorlan This one wasn't bad though 4y
  •   porschedrkr34 @runnernick ya it's cool how they mixed it up compared to previous years, and there entrance speeds are pretty insane 4y
  •   nmorlan Yeah one dude in the finals did like 84 in to the first corner nuts 4y

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