•   rachelhirohata @wes_ I'm thinking about a Native American design, with a woman holding a huge rainbow dreamcatcher and wolves running about under a blue sky! ( have a rough draft drawn out somewhere) ....... OR a traditional Chinese dragon design. But as much as I love dragons I think they're way more common as back tattoos than the whole Native American design, and I like being unique lol. Which is why I'm leaning more towards the Native American one! 3y
  •   federico_tidu @rachelhirohata sounds really good.. i think a tattoo like that will be awesome.. where are u from? 3y
  •   rachelhirohata @wes_ Thx, me too! xD And I'm from the US of A! Lol....You? ^.^ 3y
  •   federico_tidu I'm from Italy but i'm in Sydney right now.. for work.. i love this place! soon or later i will go in Usa, too .. never been there unfortunally!!! 3y
  •   rachelhirohata @wes_ Ooo awesome, I've always wanted to go to italy AND Aussie-land!! Use to have a pen pal in Sydney actually when I was in Jr. High! If you come to the USA tho, check out Chinatown in NYC! (Love it here!!!) 3y
  •   federico_tidu @rachelhirohata allright.. i'll check for u for get me a tourist guide!! 3y
  •   ganagan ur tattoo 2y

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