croator Wuuuhu! #summer #time :))) #Osor #Cres # Croatia 2y
  •   deviantlibrarian So beautiful 2y
  •   croator @deviantlibrarian thanx:) if you still haven't , I would definitely recommend to visit Croatia during the summer <3 2y
  •   elisuait I definetely looove Osor ,this bear me and my boy we will came to' Croatia with our moto,i just can't wait to' swim in your beautifull sea and Eat fresh fish,savane natio that i love!!!!!!! 2y
  •   elisuait *year 2y
  •   croator @elisuait ah that's so great! I don't know how far will you go , but skip the highway. It's beautiful tu cruise on the old road along the sea<3 so many beautiful places to just stop and take a swim:-) have a great time and bon apetit:-))) 2y
  •   elisuait @croator not so far ,i live in Venice,but i can't wAit for my croatian holiday also this year !! 2y

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