efullmer #Gurkha Empire 1 & #BurnNotice. Not the biggest fan of this Gurkha but I have to clear it out in order to make room for something else. #nowsmoking #smokeoftheday #cigar #cigarlife #cigarsociety #cigaraficionados 4y
  •   efullmer @engle96 I love Burn Notice! I watch it all the time on tv but am going in order on Netflix. I'm halfway through Season 3. 4y
  •   engle96 I ran through the first 4 seasons earlier this year. Need to get season 5 4y
  •   dpalileo Burn Notice = 4y
  •   efullmer @engle96 Pretty much every time I post a cigar picture of a cigar at night I'm watch Burn Notice. 4y

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