24k_fern Dedicated to the ratchets hovering around the table for a drink #sketch #sketchoftheday #ratchets #clubrats #thirsty #ComicBookThoughts 4y
  •   wheresmyhippo Hahaha this is too good. Nice work 4y
  •   miggz87er_ @grxfern I'll be about that life this summer, I laid mine down back in 2010. Life hasn't been the same since 4y
  •   24k_fern @wheresmyhippo haha thanks dude! @miguelitos87 yea I've been watching videos and it's crazy, it's my first bike so we'll see!! Everyone's been telling me there's two kinds of riders, the ones who have fallen & the ones who are going to fall 4y
  •   miggz87er_ @grxfern lol every rider will tell u that. Its true. Ride safe, be aware there's dumb Muthafuckas out there. But it's coo, taste a Lil asphalt. I was blessed n ok. I never wore my bike jacket that day I did, summers coming so u probably won't want to. Once I get mine well go to bike night every Wednesday all over the city 4y
  •   24k_fern Yea there's stupid drivers out there I've seen tons of accidents. I've been checking that Stryker body armor from icon for the hot days, I'm down for bike night & you gotta cop one of these prints soon cause they'll be worth more when I'm dead!! Lol 4y
  •   mikedinc @grxfern literally LOL from this sketch & caption!! Ish is true though. It's like you're a artistic Bernie Mac. "I be saying the shit that you wanna say but don't!" downsides of table service 4y
  •   24k_fern @mikedinc Lol!! It's just a lot funnier as a comic 4y

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