aquacat Jiwan on blue tiles. Jiwan is only one who loves having pictures taken among my cats. :) 4y
  •   annalindsey He's the show off. 4y
  •   aquacat @dominocats ジワンは写真撮られるのが本当に好きなようです。他の子たちを撮っていると、私を撮ってくれ!して妨害します。 4y
  •   ig_eyes Jiwan wants a modeling contract, he wants to diversify to appear in a wide variety of media he's gonna be a big star 4y
  •   dominocats さすが一家の主でありオペラ歌手Jiwan!さすがです 4y
  •   holls1231 I used to have a cat called snowy. He was pure white. I miss him 4y
  •   shonagh_darroch77 Amazing 4y
  •   janae.p Pretty 4y
  •   maevemoore I wish I could show u a pic of my cat piggy bec I promise she looks exactly like that!!!! 4y

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