igerssydney Hey folks! Name tags are done and the 5pm deadline is up. We'll have a few spare tomorrow plus stickers as per the last walk if anyone is interested. Don't forget to print off a photo for the photo swap as well see previous posts for more details. @stephtee @chriszaint @pix_ee 3y
  •   woosang @chriszaint well if it was Saturday am like sunrise then I could be there. I finish work at 6am. My next days off r the 1st, 3-4th 8 and 23rd 3y
  •   lambiebaby So are peeps mainly using iPhones/mob cameras tomorrow or are ppl bringing out the dslr's etc? 3y
  •   solarfractal @lambiebaby being as many cameras as you want. It's not just for iPhone and android. Make sure you bing your phone though!! I'll probs have my dslr 3y
  •   lambiebaby Okies cool. Am hoping to get there but may have to pass dependent on how morning pans out. Hence why I didn't bother getting a name tag in the event I can't go. Super excited for it though. 3y
  •   solarfractal @lambiebaby well you have the map in case you're late and I think you can kik @chriszaint via a @igerssydney kik account??! 3y
  •   chriznobs @lambiebaby @solarfractal oh yupp.. I will online with my acc and @igerssydney on kik, instagram and facebook and instaDM 3y
  •   stephtee @chriszaint @colourpurplegal am hitting the printers now (just got home..... zzzz) so a photo of yours will be printed.. 3y
  •   stephtee @solarfractal you are a gem!!!!!!!!!!! thank you       3y

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