silkstate Stairs 3y
  •   silkstate @_kilsey thx, dear! No my entrance is from the street and it's aprox 2000 km away from this stairs:-)) 3y
  •   blackbags Haha. I do paint and I videotape bands at night, yet I work in a vintage shop. I love antiques and rare items. I use to do window displays as art installations for 16 years at an old job I had. I would still be working for them but the store closed down after 42 years in business because of the high rents in NYC.So yes! Please continue to keep me as an artist in your heart dear friend! Lol and I will do the same for you! 3y
  •   sandorasan How did u know that I rent one last month?!...but yours still prettiest!! 3y
  •   silkstate @sandorasan it was a blind shot:-))) 3y
  •   silkstate @blackbags can I see your outside IG works, Martin??)) you can kik me your links if you'll feel like it:-)) my kik name is the same 3y
  •   tokmonsta Is that s ghost? 3y
  •   silkstate @tokmonsta we are present in a ghost world, dear Tokmonsta :)) 3y
  •   silkstate Love this picture? Check out my gallery at 2y

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