mugget Yesterday started getting the Gixxer ready to attend Superbike School on Monday. Step 1: washing so I don't have to get as dirty. Step 2: remove as many parts as possible. Step 3: ...I dunno. I'm just about to try & figure that out now. 4y
  •   drivas718 I wanna take the class too. 4y
  •   mugget @drivas718 Definitely recommended! 4y
  •   richleedraws what track is it held at? pricey? 4y
  •   mugget This is at Queensland Raceway - they only started doing it in my home state last year. The day is $500, which I think is pretty good - fully catered lunch, 3 students per coach so you get plenty of individual attention. A regular track day around here is $200, so CSS is a good deal. (Those prices all in AUD.) I am going to do Level 1 (everyone starts there), but I have been around it before (I actually went for coach tryouts), I didn't do the actual exercises, but did pick up some good info and moved up a group (Intermediate to Intermediate Fast) on my very next trackday! If I can keep learning more & improve some more, I'll make the next move up into the Advanced (fastest) group before too long! Just hoping it doesnt rain too much on Monday. Not that I mind riding in rain, even on track, but I have just been looking forward to going really fast. If it rains I'll just make the best of it & practice some little piwersli. 4y
  •   mugget *powerslides. 4y
  •   mugget Oops forgot to tag you @richleedraws 4y
  •   richleedraws @mugget just looked up the conversions and it's pretty much the same $500 aud = $520usd that's pretty good deal it seems esp for what it covers and 3 students per coach is real nice - post some pics when you can! 4y
  •   mugget @richleedraws Will be posting pics! Come 5am Monday first pic will probably be bike geared up & ready to go! Big day - gotta be at the track by 7am (1hr ride out there for me, but I'll stop for breakfast) and last classroom session ends at 5pm! 4y

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