conordelahunty In Berlin for a few days. Any recommendations? 3y
  •   jkleske I'm only qualified to recommend places for food, coffee and streetwear/sneakers 3y
  •   fabianmu cool, are you up for coffee? 3y
  •   thomascharding Job interview? 3y
  •   conordelahunty @juxtapozed all going well ;) 3y
  •   conordelahunty @fabianmu would love to! Have you any time tomorrow? Would love to swing by the office briefly. Either way, I'm here until Monday evening. 3y
  •   fabianmu i'll get in touch with you on twitter 3y
  •   johannakoll If I was there, I would go to the flea market on Boxhagener Platz. And eat brunch. Used to live there, haven't been in 2 years so no idea if it's still fun. 3y

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