shecks Going to Milan today! Should be dope with @etniesskateboarding 3y
  •   jamieaboud Just got back from Barcelona :) dope as fux! Have fun :p 3y
  •   samichaib Dumbasses -.- Barcelona is in Spain, Milan is in Italy 3y
  •   smorrow8412 Lucky assssssss I wanna go 3y
  •   lordsebastius getcha Ass to Vienna man 3y
  •   aliens87 Dont forget to stop by bangcock 3y
  •   boardnbrewsc Jealous!! 3y
  •   kylagradin Take me with you next time :) 3y
  •   rebecca_lindberg I don't know how to explain how good you are, but you are more awesome than Chuck Norris. You're simply the best haha and you're an inspiration to many! Have it awesome! I love your tvshow btw 3y

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