jamieoliver Just got a copy of @aprilbloomfield first cook book!! which is genuinely beautiful!! and brilliant! Well done babe as the quote says ah cool like a ninja!! Love to you all jamie oxx 3y
  •   billie_vanilli For the record there are many cases of domestic animals being kidnapped for meat. I have no problem with people eating meat. Factory farming is a cruel & disgusting practice no matter whether you are pro or anti meat eating. For the record you're the only one of the two of us who has used aggressive language. @fluzzatron 3y
  •   bertmen Check the Dutch butchet who names his pig, raises it... Walks it through the village and then one days announces the 'inevitable' death ... People can subscribe to 'pigparts'... Nothing cruel or rude... 3y
  •   julesannem Oink! 3y
  •   theodochia MEAT IS MURDER 3y
  •   mazel07 Why is meat murder? 3y
  •   benibenasi The smiths best album :) 3y
  •   kanoe808surf Wow I love pigs 3y

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