pvega This is what dreams are made of.... 3y
  •   richindesign Wow, looks incredible. You spelled the louvre wrong. I only mention it because we're already on thin ice with the French. 3y
  •   carofreakinline I highly recommend the coliseum 3y
  •   pvega @richindesign this is Sean's agenda but I probably would've spelled it wrong too. As long as we spelled pizza and spaghetti right, I'm not too concerned about the rest :) 3y
  •   mikeyfresssh Now I know when to break into your house and throw a party! 3y
  •   _christina_palmer_ Oh my lady. I've been to all these places and can tell you-it's amazing!!! You're going to have such an incredible time!! I too highly recommend the coliseum if you can pull it off while in Rome. Also while at the louve-we used rick Steve's guide and it took us to all the important spots....still spending hours there but you will have seen all the important stuff! Omg have so much fun!! 3y
  •   pvega @mikeyfresssh awesome, our house sitter is super cute so you're in luck. 3y
  •   sentire_everyday Ahhh. You have to try and make Laduree for tea and macaroons when you're near the louvre 3y
  •   sentire_everyday Louvre 3y

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