crtwotwo Testing went great today really think this guys going to surprise! 4y
  •   jf418 That dont look like jlaw but look how insane people would go if he hired jlaw! Reed do us all a favor and get him on the team. If anything twotwo will be talked about like crazy. We all love jlaw 4y
  •   shellycenter Sweet 4y
  •   kennywagner 338!!!!! 4y
  •   kennywagner Please sign him for outdoors 4y
  •   mason195 Definatly @j_long37 henry is paralyzed 4y
  •   joelmcpeters Hahahahahahahaha @j_long37 4y
  •   bill759 Lawrence is a boss 3y
  •   tmonts819 To think he fought one of the richest men in the sport. Lawrence didn't give no fucks! 3y

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