shesojaded The twins. 3y
  •   mistah215 Ok I see you Hawkeye ;p 3y
  •   shesojaded No no that's Daryl Dixon the walking dead. I'm getting around to hawkeye @mistahsmiley 3y
  •   mistah215 You must not know about the Ultimate version of Hawkeye, he's a bit more awesome than Daryl imho @shesojaded 3y
  •   shesojaded Well the idea of Daryl is more human to me. @mistahsmiley. Hawkeye is the fairytale of Daryl. Plus there is a BIG difference in a pistol grip crossbow and bow n arrow. Katnis from Hunger games has a badass set. I can see myself affording what Hawkeye has. 3y
  •   mistah215 I see what you're saying @shesojaded but in the Ultimates universe Hawkeye not only uses a bow & arrow, as in the movie, but pistols and a twin set of pistol grip crossbows that look a lot like those...either way all three of those people are badasses 3y
  •   shesojaded @mistahsmiley Agreed 3y

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