badtzxo @deluda tagged me awhile ago for #5thingsaboutme--this is my very late response. And here we go: 1. I have lived in New York all my life. The two places that have made me consider leaving: San Francisco and Australia. 2. Snowboarding is one of my passions. The way Bodhi feels about surfing in "Point Break," that's how I feel about riding. 3. I am a nerd. 4. I love to read and still buy books. Swiping a screen to "turn" the page doesn't feel natural. One of my fears is the death of printed matter. 5. I still believe in chivalry. 4y
  •   badtzxo @hirozzzz Thanks Hiro! And #3 is obvious, duh! 4y
  •   badtzxo @lachlanpayne Been itching to go back to Australia since it has been about ten years since my first and last visit to your amazing country. Your awesome feed makes the itch worse though, but in a good way! :) 4y
  •   badtzxo @firstmatekate Yes, I agree and nothing beats the feel of a book in your hands too! 4y
  •   danielji I can't sneak past you! : ) ... @deluda did actually say I fulfilled that tag when I posted my interview on @streetphoto_bw - check the link on my profile page : ) 4y
  •   jimm__e Image is so good 4y
  •   badtzxo @jimm__e Thanks! 4y
  •   pattyj Love this, nerd! 4y

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