riseabove78 Fuck yeah @senshi 4y
  •   benfriedlander i hate the fact that this is a chelsea bayern final. no one wanted to see that #smfh 4y
  •   riseabove78 @benfriedlander @senshi I think it's great for non-Spanish leagues that neither Barca or Real are in the final. Yeah Bayern aren't flashy n what not... But the final IS in Munich... What did the ref get wrong Elijah? 4y
  •   senshi @riseabove78 how about a million hand balls and fouls for both teams actually. More then anything i think he was a shit ref but obviously we could argue about it but in my eyes that was another PK in the box right at the end he both grabbed the jersey and kicked him...but whateves ur right it's good for the sport to see non spanish teams in the final even though I feel it's unfair to have Bayern have home field advantage. It should be a two legged final. 4y
  •   riseabove78 @senshi but there was also a legit handball for Bayern in the box... 4y
  •   jamesstocks Loved that CR7 missed the 1st pen! Oh Ho Ho Ho !!! 4y
  •   jamesstocks @senshi the venue for final is set YEARS before its held .... 4y
  •   riseabove78 @stocksyyyyy wasnt it brilliant! He was 25 for 25 till then... 4y
  •   jamesstocks The best! Hero to villain in 2 days! 4y

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