jayho88 Chicken and beef Ho Fun Noodles Corona and lime #dinner #munch #food 2y
  •   alisonxcx Looks bette than my meal for one lol 2y
  •   jayho88 @alisonxcx i have left over aswell :p lol 2y
  •   tinac0510 Omg this looks epic , I want a bit lol 2y
  •   alisonxcx Oh whiiit! Gutted :( btw I had a dream last night that I drove into your car. How weird is that! 2y
  •   jayho88 That is weird! Was i there?? In your dream? Lol!! When was this! Plz do not do that in real life lol! 2y
  •   jayho88 @ituna was deadly!! ;) 2y
  •   alisonxcx Last night. I think it's cos I saw the pictures of your car you uploaded just before I went to bed lol. Yeah I kept apologising to you. I was like 'oh my god he's going to kill me' haha. You took it well tho :) lol. I wouldn't. I don't rally about anymore now I don't have the gum lol. 2y
  •   jayho88 Haha thats well funny! 2y

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