•   netikprime Sure thing. You've already helped me immensly. 3y
  •   __joel Well my man, i don't suggest you do exactly as i do (and i understand that from your perspective that may be a stretch), but experiment a bit and see how you feel! Being super regimented gets old and frankly is just not fun; i speak from experience. water i am pretty conscious of- i aim for about a gallon, give or take based on my days prior and how i feel physically (from training/drinking alcohol, etc). i pack food daily for PA school and I'm usually here on campus 10-14 hrs/day so i pack 3 meals and a couple snacks. I'll actually take a pic of it all one of these mornings and post it and tag you in it to give you a better idea. but that stuff varies daily, i could use a little more organization actually just need another hour in the day, ha. I'll post that pic soon and will always reply to questions- just may take a bit 3y
  •   netikprime Looking forward and thanks a lot.I'm actually on my way to forget about counting. 3y
  •   netikprime Uhh, then my 2 gallons are prolly a little too much I suppose... I need to go to the toilet every 60mins. At nights I wake up 3 times for that at minimum, too. Should I cut down on my water consumption? 3y
  •   netikprime ? 3y
  •   __joel Thats too much for me, but based on your activity that may be good for you- I don't know 3y
  •   netikprime 3y

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