vanswarpedtour Warped 101 tip #4 - Stay cool, drink water + look for klean kanteen tent under the water banner providing free filtered water at your show 3y
  •   kayleeface55 bummed that we can't start a riot the night before at the gorge this year, but still my favorite show every year! 3y
  •   aaftonn @___cherie___ hmm, at my venue they didn't let us do that. If you wanted their water you had to buy their canteen. The smallest one was like $25, we were better off buying bottles all day. 3y
  •   cherielbb1976 @aaftonn I went to the one in Atlanta. They filled up any container there. 3y
  •   custommadegj Or, go to the place were equally drinkable water squirts out of a hose with holes. Its cold, free, and there's no line. 3y
  •   rawrrbot This was the best fucking decision in Warped Tour history. 3y
  •   doki100 Ma beeeeeeži 3y
  •   darrellspivey So very thoughtful :3 3y
  •   ashotnthedark Skip the booze for once. Enjoy the bands and drink water!!!!!! 3y

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