nabbycat So I played ping pong with the man.... His parting words? "Well played, Miss, well played." 4y
  •   nabbycat That conversation was totally in my head! Hahahah 4y
  •   olliehon Where is this? 4y
  •   soozianna So did he played like a Bollywood man? dance dance all? 4y
  •   roshnip @nabbycat what was the deal? Were you auditioning for a part in some epic Hindi movie on a ping pong rookie's route to success? 4y
  •   nabbycat @olliehon it's in SAM! There's an artwork which is a ping pong table! 4y
  •   nabbycat @soooozi lol he's quite good!! I damn stress man play with him! 4y
  •   nabbycat @roshnip I wish! We were talking him around the museum cos he was doing filming for a variety show. Apparently he likes art!! 4y
  •   nabbycat @roshnip although I do like the sound of that plot! Hahaha! Though I question the probability of a Malay girl playing ping-pong against a Hindi superstar! Hahaha 4y

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