tanlittleana The Claws ARe BaCkMeow 3y
  •   tanlittleana @dbak16 yeah 2y
  •   dbak16 I love them. U love to get ur nails very big? 2y
  •   tanlittleana LmAO yes Yes I do I guess u could say @dbak16 2y
  •   dbak16 You are right. Nails are great when they look very big! Were do u live ? 2y
  •   dbak16 ? 2y
  •   aaron4539 Sexy 2y
  •   amzy2006 What do u tell the nail people when u get ur nails done @tanlittleana 1y
  •   tanlittleana Just tell them u want flare nails, some ppl know exact what u mean, some places look at u like ur insane I found its best to take a pic w you. They have flare acrilyics some places but my nail lady does a pink and white and sculpts them to flare out at the end. But I just moved so I'm in search of new nail lady. Think I found one just if they have contact info ask them ppl also have other names for them as u can see all in hash tags! @amzy2006 1y

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