niallhoran Like a boss 3y
  •   miily2001 I LOVE NIALL <3 1d
  •   metkamisja I love you babe 22h
  •   _1ily_ Xoxoxo I idolize you guys!! Without u guys I'm like toilet paper with no poop on it jk but u lift my spirits up when I'm down and I think u guys are incredibly talented/gifted and funny, awesome, sweet everything anybody could ask for ^-^ and it breaks my heart that next year u guys will be in Milwaukee,WI I live so close to there but have no tickets..sadly my family probably can't afford them but one day I will meet u guys :) u have no idea of how much I love u guys...:'') I cry I cry 15h
  •   cara_belieber_directioner I love you♡ when i think about You i must cry becouse i so happy but sad that 1D Not comes to Germany:( 10h
  •   xxnoa3421 OMG 5h
  •   jessica.ann1 Babe 5h
  •   flockofblackbirds Merry Christmas!! 5h
  •   iva_martinich 3h

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