bonnita Elvis dowg 4y
  •   bonnita Untill he eats your shoes, then u would give him back lol ! 4y
  •   bonnita There's lots of breeders over here in England, where u from? I got both mine from the same breeder in hull, theres also a breeder round the corner from me! I have to fight temptation when they have litters! there worth every shoe they've chewed lol! Hard work and need tons of company n play time but once u have one u have to get another there addictive ! 4y
  •   bonnita Wow NYC awesome I hear the shopping is amazing! Ah man that sucks for breeders keep trying n u will get ur perfect pup! I payed 500 each for mine which was a bargain, but unfortunately there not kc registered so no champions in bloodline, but there my little champs so I don't care! U should try husky rescue centres n some shelters there's so many homeless huskies it's unreal I wish I could adopt them all! 4y
  •   bonnita £500 in your money tho is $813 so 750 is a good price! It is alota dolla but they are worth every cent! I bribed my bf to put half to each of ours so it wasn't so bad money wise for me :) 4y
  •   bonnita Ha mine didn't want one either he wanted a golden retriever, women always win lol! hell love the husky if u do get one! N if he don't ... Tuff haha! 4y
  •   bonnita My names Bonnie really but it wouldn't let me have it so I went for bonnita ! Same difs lol 4y
  •   bonnita Haha I get called bonbon too and b and bonnita it is a rare name I've only ever met 1 Bonnie too my cousin who I was named after! Nice to meet a fellow bonnie lol! Good luck with husky hunt lookin forward to the pic uploads when u finally get one! :) 4y
  •   bonnita Haha awesome ! 4y

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