merav228 בית העלמין הצבאי חולון-בת ים, ביום הזכרון לחללי צהל. #memorialday #yomhazikaron #israel 2y
  •   paolode I also have nurses! Work in neurology. I send you greetings from Italy ....... Thanks for the many like 2y
  •   merav228 Cool!!! I had been last year in Italy. From where specific are you?? @paolode 2y
  •   paolode OK I hope I have translated well. Using the internet, foreign languages ​​are not my forte! I live and work in Naples in Campania. South of Italy @merav228 2y
  •   merav228 It's ok... My English is not so perfect too... Lol @paolode . And I had been at the north of Italy 2y
  •   dbzion Merav we are all ready for your Italy shots 2y
  •   merav228 I already put them.... My early pictures @dbzion 2y
  •   itzucker Tzilum Hazak 2y
  •   merav228 Ty @itzucker 2y

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