champagnepapi Shisha Capo 2y
  •   riel757 For every follower i get i will like 15 off their photos and post 3 positive comments on their best 3 pictures thanks (:r 2y
  •   chawkalit ass shot! 2y
  •   dumerlus Sexie self Ms.OVO 2y
  •   angelxque_ chubbz 1y
  •   _loveeovoxo Furthest thing from perfect like everyone I know 11mon
  •   queensimmy @champagnepapi it would really make my day if you followed me, I don't really get on with my family they shown me hate over the years I'm not blessed like many people with a happy family so my xmas times are not very happy moments I'm speaking from the heart and my family and even loved ones all know the pain they put me through, the heartache but I stay strong they can mock me call me crazy for dreaming and not being a hoe most guys wished I was, even guys have shown me pain but I thank god every day he gave me strength and the power to fly high even when I am alone this Xmas time to reflect and really go for dreams 2014 xx your inspire me everyday and when I play your music it comforts me xx ill delete this message tomorrow I just hope you read it.. And I'm speaking from the heart Scorpio 4life one love drake x and I'll try to stay strong even though my heart is ripped apart x dont know why I've opened up and I hope no sees it except you x I doubt it though x godbless drake 9mon
  •   cynthia.graham Ily boo 7mon

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