ludacris In the studio w/ @justblaze #ludaversal coming soon! 3y
  •   sobliszarre Looking forward to it. 3y
  •   ceceflygirl Big fan can't wait 3y
  •   thtzhim_lano Luda is my fav rapper.. dog 3y
  •   flyboy_ak Keep doing your thing 3y
  •   thekidflames Yeah doc. 3y
  •   mrpapermaker Just told me! Sooner then later it will be your time! Chicken is Good! But God is Great! 2y
  •   burn1beats i got dem beats too 4็ƒญ็ˆฑไบ† 2y
  •   abssamad I got that jumper luda! Astronaut on the back 2y

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