jerryskaggs Change is inevitable; even graveyards change. I walked into our office work room today, a once or twice-a-week jaunt. It's a concise florescent lit room with a photo copier, staff mail boxes, a big machete-style paper cutter on an island in the middle, paper shredders, postal meter, fax machine and wall to wall cabinets full of endless supplies for Admins to revel, raid or restock. During my left brain duties of administration, my right brain noticed these square cubbies right above the copier. Ah, the Astro Bright papers!! Remember? B.C. (Before Christ) B.C.C. (Before Color Copies) Long before color copies and desk inkjet or in-house printing was so accessible, this palette of papers was the posh process! You copied black text onto colored paper and you seasonally cycled back and forth between the brights or the pastels. Those were the days! I don't know if they're still the rage in reprographics somewhere like Fedex/Kinko's or OfficeMax, and if they're still working for you, then enjoy your Re-Entry Red, Gamma Green, Planetary Purple, Lunar Blue, etc! These epic names etched forever in my mind are not like those trendy titles on my daughter's lipsticks and nail polishes from Sally's. They're rather like a carpenters caddy of old tools, a fishermen's box of old lures or a mother's folder of favorite refrigerator artwork. All great memories, but I'm so glad for the new updates and upgrades... i.e. change! Thank goodness for Astro Brights, but now, I celebrate the marriage of CMYK and white paper. Oh yeah, remember Clip Art, rubber cement and Liquid Paper ?... 3y

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