lhem0n @j0relle wont share!!!! 2y
  •   lhem0n This is my 1st one! u had two! 2y
  •   j0relle Yeah it's the first one...........take out...cause the other one you "dined in" no need to lie. Just eat no shame lol 2y
  •   leif86 You guys are too funny.. Kiana loves that corn.. She has no shame eating 2 or 3 & SHE DOESN'T SHARE lol 2y
  •   lhem0n @j0relle look at your face! You mad coz u dont want to share! 2y
  •   lhem0n @lei7786 yup it was super good! That's why @j0relle wont share 2y
  •   j0relle @lhem0n only god and I know the truth. So feel freeto tell your story lol 2y
  •   lhem0n @j0relle whatever 2y
  •   chino_swagger @j0relle why you mad tho lol 2y

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