pickypalate Blasted cookie dough! Can't keep my darn fingers out of it :) 4y
  •   sdixon3 Ummm, if you need me to take any of it off of your hands, I'll make the sacrifice ... 4y
  •   bridget350 Cookie dough...probably one of my biggest weaknesses. ;) 4y
  •   dianaw73 Lol! My fav! 4y
  •   kitchenconcoctions I could use some of that right now! ; ) 4y
  •   katewinsor That's why I never make cookies. The dough is always gone before cookies are made. 4y
  •   adriannahwang I made cookies today for my neighbor just so I could eat some dough. :) 4y
  •   dustinscupcakez I have that problem too! Crazy disease it is... :) 4y

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