•   _kate_lewis @mojave It sure is a good one... Not gonna lie. 3y
  •   dpring duh. Saw the labels right after I posted that haha 3y
  •   _kate_lewis @dpring hahah yes I love it!! A friend of now recommended it and I am my going to stop until I have MORE! That is where I buy the chunks to grate too. I also like the Filling Station in Chelsea Market. They have gourmet oils, vinegars and salt. Very fun stuff. :-) 3y
  •   altveg @lechousauvage is that espresso salt!? O_O 3y
  •   _kate_lewis @altveg yes sir! 3y
  •   catzia @lechousauvage Oooh, Kate! I should come visit you and your salt collection! 3y
  •   _kate_lewis @catzia or me! Lol There is always a guest room open for you. :-) 3y
  •   catzia @lechousauvage Aww, thanks, lovely! 3y

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