djrosedna Central new York weather. This is not a game !and it's not for the weak! 4y
  •   curtislepore Yeah driving home from the night shift in Oswego last night, car starts sliding on ice. Da fuck? 4y
  •   bickledna That is something we don't need. 4y
  •   djrosedna @tomas_garcia yes, we like to mix it up here. :) 4y
  •   pat_wilding I see a reckoning force blowing in from the southeast. 4y
  •   djrosedna @pat_wilding that's what the newscaster said!!! It'll hit like a well polished boot in the face. 4y
  •   djrosedna @tom_dom shame on you! Spend a lil time in the south and you've gone all soft! We CNYers are a tough breed. Modern Vikings! 4y
  •   tom_dom Wait a tick! I will never rep the south!!! I'll always rep 315 hahaha 4y
  •   keetsst So, pack some sweaters? 4y

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