lolitalens Stand. And Deliver... 3y
  •   lolitalens @streetfotografi Thank you! 3y
  •   lolitalens @hifisoda Thank you!! Must visit your feed for my "Muffin" fix! 3y
  •   lolitalens @bondidwhat Hmmmm...don't know that one. But quite coincidently "Goody Two Shoes" was in my head last week! 3y
  •   lolitalens @mosjoker I got a GOOD laugh at that one! And now you have me looking at cops' sleeves for hash marks! 3y
  •   mosjoker @lolitalens - look at his belt! It has more time than me "on the job!" And look at his flashlight, stuffed inside his pocket, no holder. And old school pd pants! 3y
  •   mosjoker @lolitalens - in the summertime, with short sleeves shirts, you'll find a breast bar with roman numerals on the upper right side of the shirt pocket, instead of the hash mark! 3y
  •   lolitalens @mosjoker I so love your observations!! I'm going to be looking at each cop in a whole new light, based in what you've told me! 3y
  •   lolitalens @mosjoker Stay safe! 3y

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