kyliejenner Beginning the day with Kenya #newyork 3y
  •   evaeberstark6 Beautiful <3 2y
  •   haley_kaplansky I think u r really pretty 2y
  •   xs93 2y
  •   lidor_or_joseph Kyliee i'm from Israel and i just must tell you that you're sooooo beautifulllllll!!!! @kylieejennerr 2y
  •   trippytrocine Gorgeous  2y
  •   av0ntaco Awhhh How cute, I love you guys. You both have inspired me so much , you guys are seriously perfect and i will always look up to you guys I hope that you read this Kylie it would make my life and be a dream come true if you noticed me. i love you sooo sooo soooo much and i always will xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxo Both of u girls are amazing.Thank u for inspiring me. LOVE YOU KYLIE AND KENDALL forever xoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxooxo xoxoxoxooxoxo 2y
  •   teexager You're so gorgeous 1y
  •   gabrielabeyda This is so pretty!!!! You guys inspire me!!! 4mon

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