clubalex :( fuck I hate being a woman sometimes 3y
  •   quailtwohill Wow I sound like a dickhead! 3y
  •   quailtwohill And also @cc_mayoress you need to not worry about anything like that, you're one of the most beautiful girls I know. 3y
  •   clubalex @quailtwohill aw shucks. Ain't fishin but I'll take it. Have I mentioned I am also getting eczema all over My face from the change of weather haha. Not the best week ever. 3y
  •   quailtwohill I think it's just one of those weeks, I've been having a mental breakdown, it would be a great day if I could get though three hours of not crying! Ha! I'm being overly dramatic but I do think the change in season can mess with every part of us! Hope your pulling through though. My major gripe with being a women is our bloody hormones: making us Bloody crazy 3y
  •   clubalex @quailtwohill I feel u. I'm a hot mess T the Moment and it all hits u when ur stressed out too. How mean is it that eczema is stressed related!? 3y
  •   thephamly @cc_mayoress don't forget you've got asian genes on your side. 3y
  •   mamacitabonnita @cc_mayoress the men u be hanging with obviously cant handle WOMAN! hahah boys. @quailtwohill come for a drive to the country side and get ur lovely self some fresh air. good for the hormones ;) 3y
  •   diamondozen_pr @taylem Yes! 3y

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