•   marvelita haha 3y
  •   tofero Fcuk Chaz Kroeger 3y
  •   ignoblin @tofero Ya, well I hear if you burn a note with your crush's name on it and say "I'm a Troll" three times he will fall in love with you. Hurray! Burn you shittooth fuck, like a paperback novel. In short my friend (which I don't do) agreed! 3y
  •   ignoblin @marvelita :0))) 3y
  •   sarah_problem One of your hash tags is vagina dentata?? You belong in our house of fucked up weirdos. Drop by anytime. Bring DHP if you must. Which of course you must. 3y
  •   ignoblin @sarah_problem In fact it is also written in one of the burning bubbles, hidden I suppose. Anyways I'll take that as a compliment, I will immediately tell this life I'm leaving for the circus, call the British Film Actors Hall of Fame as that is where I believe DHP is and we'll head to the fuzzy patch at the bottom of the world where I'll expect you will have Vegimite waiting for us. 3y
  •   girllee_01 3y

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