babysmurf Organized Chaos 2y
  •   emeraldcloak Me too >.< they're so delicious rite. I cant eat them usually because vnmese food is kinda expensive here. That's great that u still remember the way we write those food's name 2y
  •   dipeshparashar Macro .. Nice 2y
  •   redrobinretro Love this! Brings back good memories of Hanoi :-) @hylys @beccyp think you'll like this too! 2y
  •   raylione Nice shot)) 2y
  •   ngphttai97 Hi! i'm vietnamese ^^ I love this photo very much ! nice shot ! 2y
  •   hienai Đẹp !! 2y
  •   xuaanhuonggg I am from Vietnam and this picture about my beautiful country is awesome. Thank you and follow me, please! 2y

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