popcorn_yu Morning Drama. #sky #cloud #morning 4y
  •   mel_kopi Wah u edit a lot ar.. Hahaa 4y
  •   popcorn_yu @mel_kopi good mornings!!早安!! Heheh actually not a lot haha the cloud pattern was very defined I just further drama it haha!! 4y
  •   mel_kopi @popcorn_yu morning! Cos like nt natural ma. Haha 4y
  •   popcorn_yu @mel_kopi when's your 1st paper? Hahas 加油好嗎? Haha!! Lol ya I think It looks more like 天災將要降臨 haha!! I changed the colour also saturated it haha!! 4y
  •   mel_kopi @popcorn_yu this coming thurs is the first paper. Same to u as well. Although u look like enjoying urself. Haha 4y
  •   popcorn_yu @mel_kopi I am studying everyday lah haha!! But also cannot focus every single hour just by sitting there. I cannot sit still for too long one hahahas. 4y
  •   alejandraguerrer Love it! 4y
  •   popcorn_yu @alejandraguerrer thank you!!:) 4y

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