•   adriannamarut Someone knows where I can edit my photos like that ?? Answer me and I will give you a SHOOTOUT!! 3y
  •   erin_mertes @adriannamarut First you take two photos: one of your face and one of your hands. Use photoshop or an app to over lay the photos. If you use an app use Montage. 3y
  •   almasanchezc @cookiethabphet Your photo is amazing!! where you edited?? :D 3y
  •   ashleyygs Your pictures r sick 3y
  •   peytonryann Love the saying 3y
  •   lizifishy Haaah I was like what the hell is me mories?? 3y
  •   skyibarra How did you do that ??? 3y
  •   mikaylaa_15 What app that for the iPhone ??? @ Erin_elizabeth_ 3y

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