marshaambrosius After the show in Philly with @tyceofmprynt :) thanks to all who came to show me & @MPrynt LOVE ;? 4y
  •   geegeealex You was SO BEAUTIFUL <3 @marshaambrosius 4y
  •   jaridb Let me tell you this story real fast cause here is the only place I can do it and I saw your name on Qdeezys page and recognized it for some reason.. I'm walkin in center city as you are walking past.. I see your hair as you walk past and needed a standalone pic for my job at the Tribune.. Your hair and style would have been perfect.. you walk away, I miss the flick, I tell myself to turn around and get it anyway.. I notice two women come up to you askin for a pic.. I thought "they must really like her hair too!" I get my pic, ask you for your name.. Confirm your residence of PA.. And go home.. Unbeknownst to me, I have listened to you for some time... Smh I just laughed and uploaded my to the Trib.. 4y
  •   jaridb I think I even said, "Martha? M-a-r-t-h-a?" shame on me.. Lol 4y
  •   iamdonaldhazel Like the hair 4y
  •   marshaambrosius I laughed at you that whole day @jaridb 3y
  •   jaridb I'm glad I listened to my spirit and turned around. Down for a studio sesh? 3y
  •   jaridb And by studio I mean .. I can't sing to well. 3y

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