natgeo Professor David Lageson from Montana State University gives Jangbu Sherpa a geology lesson. Jangbu, just 25 years old, is one of our strongest climbers, having already summited Everest twice. Dr. Lageson has selected him and two other Sherpas to be field assistants and help conduct geological research on the summit. This will be a rare opportunity to directly involve Nepali climbers in scientific research #OnEverest. Wish them luck! @emilyaharrington photo 4y
  •   wanderingmoon good luck! 4y
  •   darkdrops So brave, so athletic! One day this will be me! 4y
  •   hussainsami87 I wish i cld be one of those guys who have goals in life!! Cuz arabs wont let u 4y
  •   schneider_melissa What a great partnership 4y
  •   surajthapa_official Good luck my Nepali bros.. And scientist are also lucky to get opportunity to research in Nepal.. Jai Nepal 4y
  •   artist_fuzzbombcraft Awesome... It just makes sense to involve the Nepali climbers- the mountain is in their blood already and now to involve their minds and hearts in the quest for learning more about their home- priceless. I look forward to hearing more about this research... 4y
  •   ooiasana Learning 4y

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