purlys In the Middle of Good Things, My Life Right Now. Enjoy the Rest of Your Sunday, Everyone! 3y
  •   purlys @stubsye, yes, can't wait. Off to Kota Kinabalu in next mth and Vietnam in Oct. Thinking about Philippines after 3y
  •   stubsye Terrific treble there. I had a disaster, I put a separate SD card in for Kota Kinabalu as I knew I would be taking hundreds of shots at the national park, they appeared to be okay when I was shooting but when I downloaded the images there was nothing, zero. I ran a test run in the card and confirmed it was a dud. So disappointed Asti was one of the best National Parks I have ever visited 3y
  •   purlys @stubsye noooooooo...!! That's awful. You must've been so upset when you found out. What a shame. Looks like you gotta make another trip to my country 3y
  •   stubsye At least I got see where all your natural medicines come from. The guide was well informed and he introduced to some things I had never heard of before 3y
  •   purlys @stubsye, that's great to hear. Whereabouts exactly was the National Park that you went to again? Out of KK a bit rite? Hmm.. Maybe I should check it out. 3y
  •   stubsye Purly it was up in the mountains several hours in the bus from where the ship was located. A fairly large complex and appeared to be popular with the local population also 3y
  •   sweetyjd98 Wow!!! Love this! 3y
  •   portsett support the local portuguese settlement brand @portsett 1y

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