lauriekeiko Time for a self-portrait 3y
  •   lauriekeiko @shalaco great meeting you too! I co-manage @igerseastbay - we host monthly photo walks. Come on out if you ever venture to the east bay. 3y
  •   lauriekeiko @timfolkins @erinishuman @soinu thanks, friends! It was an accidental shot but one of those beautiful "mistakes." :) 3y
  •   lauriekeiko @chucky80 thanks, buddy! I'm doing well. Baby is due real soon, huh? How are things on your end? 3y
  •   otsog Just fantastic, Laurie. Not just just. Make that incredible? 3y
  •   lauriekeiko @otsog thanks, Erik! I appreciate that. :) 3y
  •   calimex Excellent, Laurie! Hope you're having a great weekend. 3y
  •   lauriekeiko @calimex thank you, José! Yesterday was really much more chill. It's really nice to have a weekend off! Hope you had a good one too. 3y
  •   juliegeb Nice self portrait! There are a few more like this that we tagged #samebutdifferent, if you'd like to add yours. 3y

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